2024 NCEA Programme

Mainland Football, in partnership with the Waikato Institute of Learning and Sport Studies (WILSS), will intend to deliver the NCEA Referee Programme again in 2024.

The unit standard (31388) offers ten credits and practical development opportunities for participants who have an interest in football refereeing.

The requirements students need to achieve in order to meet the standard are:

  1. Become a New Zealand Football accredited Level 1 Football Referee and Assistant Referee. A classroom-based course (that includes practical activities) will be scheduled over the Term 1 school holidays for three days.
  2. Complete referee-based activities regularly throughout the season, with evidence of this in a provided logbook.
  3. Log 100 hours of football involvement (50+ hours referee related) as evidence of the following core refereeing activities:
    1. Referee Courses (this includes the NCEA Referee Course)
    2. Watching Games with official Referees and Assistant Referees
    3. Refereeing/Assistant Refereeing on appointed games
    4. Player and Referee fitness training sessions
    5. Technical coaching sessions
    6. Completion of the workbook questions
    7. WILSS require an additional 50 hours (100 hours in total) for referee/football activities.
  4. You must complete a minimum of three practical assessments to a competent level.​​​​​​​

For a cost of $50 per student, each will receive an NZF Level 1 Football Referee and Assistant Referee accreditation, valid until 31 December 2025, course materials, mentoring throughout the football season, reimbursement for expenses, and some free gear (such as shirts).

Registrations are now open forn early 2024. 

To find out more or if you are interested in being contacted when registrations do open, contact Wayne Stapley or Richard Jones.