Federation Skills Centre

The Football Skills Centre vision is to create technically proficient and intelligent young players that can meet the demands of FTC football. The FSC focus is solely on establishing and developing key football habits with sessions specifically designed to affect all areas of the player’s development in a positive way. The FSC is focused on players that played 8th grade to 11th grade this season. Several clubs within the region are now offering the FSC. You don’t need to be a member of a specific club in order to enter the FSC.


    • Individual Development of a player where the outcome is technical improvement
    • Training sessions within the Skill Centre reflects individual skill development with SSGs (4v4) and Skill Practices
    • Accelerate the technical development of our players to compensate for the lack of:
      – Hours – formal and informal
      – Playing with and against best players
    • Open entry – but is aimed at the ‘serious footballer’ as the programme requires high level of commitment
    • Gives the opportunity to raise standards of Junior Football

What is it?

    • Individualised development programme for 8 to 11 year old boys and girls to accelerate the skills of the ‘serious’ Kiwi footballer.
    • To assemble highly motivated, committed and skilled players together with highly qualified coaches.
    • Term 4 (summer) programme designed for the ‘future’ football player.

Who it’s for:

    • Players that are serious about the game, can commit to 2 training’s a week, are technically proficient and want to play at higher levels
    • Players with commitment and potential to enter FTC at 12th grade




Cashmere Technical https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeiK0Q4gwC2nLT0nbKGit-YyArHKyT80bVYZvqKSWWVDC0QuQ/viewform
Venue: Somerfield Park
Grade /time Monday/Wednesday : 9/10 years old 3.45 to 4.45pm –  11/12 years old 5 to 6pm
Tuesday/Thursday : 4.30 to 5.30
Start/End Mondays 16 October to 11 December
Cost: 72$ (9 sessions)- 64$ for Mondays
x3 Games Day Festival (27 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec)
Coaches: Aaron Clapham (JL3) and Ben Howes (JL2) and Canterbury United player (juan and Futa)
FC Twenty 11 Skills Centre Open: https://membership.sportstg.com/regoform.cgi?formID=73369
Skills Centre PLUS: https://membership.sportstg.com/regoform.cgi?formID=73370
Venue: avonhead park
Grade and Time 9-10 years old- Tuesday 4-5pm
11-12 years old- Thursday 4-5pm
start/end: 8 sessions
Cost $80 registration fee
x3 Games Day Festival (27 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec)
Coach: Sean Morris (JL2)
Halswell United
Venue: Halswell Domain
Grade and Time Skills Centre 9th/10th Grades: Tues & Thurs, 4.30-5.30pm
Skills Centre 11th/12th Grades: Tues & Thurs, 5.45-6.45pm
start/end: Tuesday 17 October
Cost Cost is $65 for the term to do 1 session per week (for 8 weeks)
Cost is $100 for the term to do 2 sessions per week (for 8 weeks)
coach Liam Mulcahy will be running the 9th-12th Grades + Liam Canterbury United player if needed
Ferrymead Bays
Ferrymead Bays Skills Centre Term 4 2017
Venue: Redcliffs Park
Grade /Time: 2 groups: 9/10 years, and 11/12 years from 4.00 pm-5.15 pm
Start/End Start: Tuesday 17th October – End: Tuesday 5th December
Cost:  $60 for 8 weeks
x3 Games Day Festival (27 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec)
Coaches: Canterbury United player (Travis) , Ren Cameron/Roy Myatt/Grant Brokenshire – all completing JL3
Nomads United https://membership.sportstg.com/regoform.cgi?formID=72932
Venue: Tulett Park
Grade /Time: Monday:  9 year olds from 4 – 5pm; 10 year olds 5 – 6 pm; 12 year olds 6 – 7pm
Wednesday;  11 year olds 5 – 6pm
Thursday: 9 year olds (second session) 3.45pm – 4.45pm; Goal Keeping 8 ,9, 10 years 5.00pm – 6.00pm; Goal Keeping 11, 12, 13 years 6.15pm – 7.15pm.
Start/End 8 weeks starting Monday 16th October
Cost:  $90 per term (x8 training + x3 Games Day Festival (27 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec)
Coach: JD Dennen (JL3 coach qualification)
Christchurch United http://cufc.co.nz/e2661-2/
Venue: CFC yaldhurst road
Grade /Time: Only Mondays 4 – 5.15 pm (75 mins), U9/U10, U11/U12
Tuesday/Thursday and Gameday
Start/End 16 October – 11 December
Cost: Only Mondays = 69$ (u9/u10/u11/u12)
Tuesday/Thursday and Gameday = 187.50$ for u9/u10 – 225$ for U11/U12
x3 Games Day Festival (27 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec)
Coaches: Fernando Lambert, David Murdock,, Ricardo (OFC B Licence).
Waimak United http://leagueathletics.com/Default.asp?org=WAIMAKUNITED.ORG.NZ#497596
Venue: Kendall park
Grade /Time:  4pm – 5pm for both age groups.
Start/End Monday and /or Wednesday – starting 25th October and finishing 11th December
game day on Monday or Wednesday
Cost: $80 for one day or $130 for both days
Coach: Shane Verma (JL3)
Selwyn United Link: https://membership.sportstg.com/regoform.cgi?formID=65815
Venue: Venue: Foster Park, Rolleston
Grade /Time:  9th – 12th Grade
Start/End Start/End: Monday 16th October – Monday 11th December
Cost: Cost: $30 per month (invoiced monthly)
x3 Games Day Festival (27 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec)
Coach: Will Mitchell (?)
Coastal Spirit http://coastalspirit.co.nz/2017/10/08/register-for-skills-centre-programmes/
Venue: Linfield Park
Grade /Time: 4 to 5pm (9 and 10 years old)
5 to 6pm ( 11 and 12 years old)
Start/End Monday – Wednesday
Cost: 50$
x3 Games Day Festival (27 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec)
Coach: Henry Quaino (JL3) + Travis Canterbury United player

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