School Competitions/Programmes

School Competitions

The NZ Football College Futsal programme continues to go from strength to strength and, with the introduction of  the NCEA programme and College Futsal products through 2015/16, we hope to continue grow the sport in our region. Our Secondary School Leagues and Regional Tournament offer excellent opportunities to grow and develop the game within the region as well as compete, at the highest level, with schools around the country.

The Secondary School Futsal League

This is a competition for school teams, online registration only. We offer competitions for Girls and Boys in two different age groups, school years 9-10 and 11-13.

Term 1 Leagues <<< Registrations are CLOSED! >>>

Term 1 has finished. Term 4 Registrations to be updated later in the year.

Our school competitions will now be the same as all our regular year-round competitions, moving to 20 minute halves and 40 minute games (They were 18 and 36minutes respectively) This means we will have alignment  across the board for Futsal including the same rules (outside of age dispensation); cost model, referees etc. With more facilities becoming available, we believe we have enough courts to cope with the demand and extra court time.

For Standings, Fixtures & Results – CLICK HERE


  • Start:                           15th February 2017
  • Finish:                         22nd March 2017 (6 weeks)
  • Competitions:            Year 9-10 Boys; Year 9-10 Girls; Year 11-13 Boys, Year 11-13 Girls; Year 11-13 Boys Full                                               Court, Year 11-13 Girls Full Court
  • Cost:                            $345.00 / $379.00 (senior full court)
  • Venues:                       TBC
  • Registration:     


  • Start:                           Saturday, 11th March 2017
  • Finish:                         Sunday, 12th March 2017
  • Competitions:            Year 9-10 Boys; Year 9-10 Girls; Year 11-13 Boys Full Court, Year 11-13 Girls Full Court
  • Registration:             Team Registration
    Player Registration

From now on all players need to be registered to their teams. You can do this by:

  1. simply adding their email addresses on the last page of the team registration and allowing them to complete it once they receive the email. (see the attached document)
  2. using the player registration link after you’ve registered the team by using the team code you’re given

Click here for more information about how to register.


  • When:                         27th-28th March(2 Days) Girls Junior Years 9/10 and Girls Senior(Full Court) Years 11/13 29th-31st March(3 Days) Boys Junior Years 9/10 and Boys Senior(Full Court) Years 11/13
  • Where:                        ASB Sports Centre-Wellington
  • Cost:                            $456+GST per Team Entry.
  • Registration:    

Every player involved in our leagues is now required to be registered for their team in our database. This is the same as you would for outdoor Football. The registrations can be completed by the team manager adding your players email addresses to the last page of the registration process and clicking the ‘register’ button. This will allow each individual players to complete the rest from their end.

If you need any further assistance or have any further queries, please email