Couplands Fundraising Opportunity


Need to raise funds for you Club? Have you got a team travelling to a tournament?

Mainland Football has partnered up with Couplands Bakeries in an exciting new initiative, designed to provide our member clubs an opportunity to raise funds.

There are four Couplands ranges available; Hot Cross Buns, Biscuits, Pies and a separate initiative designed to assist in maximising the profits from your club/team BBQ.

Simply download the order form(s) from the Couplands website, then your team and/or club can start selling the Couplands product range. For the order form CLICK HERE.

In return for completing orders, you will receive either .50c or $1 per item, this may not sound a lot, but over a total order can result in the collection of a significant sum of money.

There is a wide range of Couplands Bakeries quality, every-day products available for purchase and these goods are priced the same as in the Couplands retail outlets. The initiative is cost neutral for Couplands, which effectively means you are receiving the profit toward your team or club.

Once the orders are collected and returned, a club representative or Mainland Football staff member will collate and process the entire order, then, inform you of the collection date for you to pick up and deliver your orders.

Additional forms can be downloaded from fundraising page at

Please note: It is important you complete the form(s) with the Mainland Football logo.

For further information or discuss aspects of this initiative, please contact or 020 40934297