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In order to identify the most effective methods to develop coaches, New Zealand Football has reviewed research relating to coach education across the world. Based on this research NZF has designed the Coach Education Pathway to present a structured and progressive education programme, founded on the following principles:

  • Applicable and Practical
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Flexible
  • Player Centred
  • Appropriate for New Zealand environment
  • Linked to NZF Playing Style

Coaches at the community level are the backbone of the coaching family and crucial to increasing participation and laying the foundation in developing the basic skills and intrinsic motivation that players need to have a lifelong passion for football. The Community Pathway provides the volunteer coach, who may have varying levels of football knowledge or experience, with learning to ensure that they engage the players in a highly stimulating way. Coaches can access the courses without the need for assessment or accreditation in a range of methods to suit the needs of the players.

The Advanced Pathway provides coaches with a structure to become a professional “expert” coach. New Zealand Football recognises that the game needs expert coaches at all age groups in the talent pillars. Better coaches make better players through the holistic development of the player and the Advanced Pathway provides additional tools to be able to do this.
We would love to see every coach in Mainland Football to attend a coaching course in support of the game.

The Junior & Youth Level 1 & 2 courses are non-assessed, good fun and give you tools to assist your sessions and match days.

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Overview of all the available Coaching Courses | Click here 

We have presented a 2017 Calendar of opportunity for coaches across the region, no matter what level, to attend a coaching course and help players to maximise their potential.

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The role of the coach is a pivotal one. Please sign-up to any of the courses presented by Club or Federation trained Coach Educators and build upon the knowledge you have as a coach and supporter of the game.

Please find below the links to a variety of coaching courses:


Waimak United Coaches Network:          Waimak United Coach Education 2017 Registration Form


Selwyn United Coaches Network:             Selwyn United Coach Education 2017 Registration Form


Halswell United Coaches Network:           Halswell United Coach Education 2017 Registration Form


Coastal Spirit Coaches Network:               Coastal Spirit Coach Education 2017 Registration Form


Cashmere Technical Coaches Network:   Cashmere Technical Coach Education 2017 Registration Form


Mainland Football Coaches Network:      Mainland Coach Education 2017 Registration Form


FC Twenty 11 Coaches Network:               FC Twenty 11 Coach Education 2017 Registration Form