About Mainland Football

FIFA and New Zealand Football

FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) is the international governing body for football and has delegated its sporting powers in New Zealand to New Zealand Football (NZF).

NZF is one of 209 associations currently affiliated to FIFA. FIFA supports the associations financially and logistically through various programmes and grants them a number of attractive rights and privileges.

This also brings obligations and as a representative of FIFA, NZF must respect the statutes, aims and ideals of football’s governing body and promote and manage the sport accordingly.

Mainland Football

Mainland Football is the trading name for No 6 District Federation of New Zealand Football (NZF).  It is an incorporated society and is the regional governing body for football in Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and the West Coast.

It is a membership organisation, made up of approximately 20,000 individual members who belong to Mainland Football through their associated football club and school of which there are 51 throughout the region plus memberships through recreational programmes of which Futsal is the biggest.

Mainland Football is governed by an elected Board headed by a Chairman. There is one deputy Chairman and six Directors.  Each person is elected for a two-year term at the Annual General Meeting and club delegates vote, with each club having one vote.

Mainland’s activities and structure is governed by a Constitution which sets out the powers and accountabilities of all committees.  Mainland Football is managed by a CEO.

‘The Districts’ refer to Nelson, Marlborough and Westcoast who have separate Boards or District Management Groups that govern their activities. Nelson and Marlborough each have a General Manager.